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Preparing Your Home Before Vacation

Ready for a vacation?

Your home should be too! Careful planning can not only help protect your home and your belongings while you travel, but also provide your family with some energy savings to spend on souvenirs! Follow these five simple tips to prepare your home for your absence.

Whether it’s a weekend road-trip or stay at the lake house, remember to follow some of these energy-saving tips to avoid unnecessary expenses while you’re away.

1. Turn off the lights.

If you decide to keep any of your lights on as a security measure, invest in an automatic timer. It can be programmed to turn on your lights during late evening and early morning hours while preventing wasted energy during the day.

2. Turn down your air conditioner.

While it’s important to keep the air circulating in your home while you’re gone, you can drastically cut down on energy usage by turning your thermostat up to 85 degrees. If you have a programmable thermostat, simply use the “vacation” feature to maintain safe and efficient indoor temperatures while you’re gone.

3. Unplug appliances and electronics.

Even when they’re turned off, anything that’s plugged into the wall can continue to consume energy. By unplugging your devices or using a smart power strip, you’ll avoid wasting standby power. Don’t forget to unplug your washer and dryer, too.

4. Adjust your water heater(s).

Turn your water heater down to “low” or to “vacation” mode. If your pool also uses a heater, consider purchasing a pool cover that will help minimize heat loss so that you can avoid the cost to reheat it.

5. Refrigerator:

If you’ll only be gone a few days, turn your refrigerator’s thermostat up a few degrees. If you’ll be gone more than two weeks, clean and empty the refrigerator, prop the door open, and unplug the unit.

Whether it’s a weekend road-trip or stay at the lake house, remember to follow some of these energy-saving tips to avoid unnecessary expenses while you’re away.

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Google Reviews

Jamie Foster-Dean
Jamie Foster-Dean
18:43 12 Sep 19
The company really took my needs to heart. I was able to schedule service within 24 hours. The tech, Robert, was able to come early which was awesome! He completed the service quickly and efficiently, made some suggestions to help me out and was just super pleasant. He waited a few minutes once the a/c was running to make sure it stayed on. The entire time was less than half an hour. Robert really knew his stuff! I'm quite pleased with A/C ExperTek services and highly recommend them!read more
Brittany Haggard
Brittany Haggard
02:25 06 Sep 19
Service was fast and efficient! Our home is staying cool thanks to Derek and his knowledge in repairing our unit!
Rob Tibbs
Rob Tibbs
01:44 31 Aug 19
Bryce was great he took the time to walk thru our entire system and explain what was going on and what he was going to do to try and fix the problem. Very friendly and more importantly I felt I could trust him. Which is in important when dealing with your A/C as it can get expensive very quickly.read more
Steven Lusk
Steven Lusk
00:18 31 Aug 19
I was very pleased with the service provided to my Air Conditioning system. Bryce was very professional and made sure I understood the process and everything that needed to be done to get my AC back up. He was very forward with pricing and there were no surprise additional costs when everything was done. I was very happy with A/C Expert Tek and will be using them in the future.read more
Mark Madkour
Mark Madkour
01:10 30 Aug 19
I had the pleasure of meeting Bryce and having him do numerous jobs at my house. He does great work. Dependable, honest and a seasoned pro in his field. I highly recommend him for any work you need done and done right. He’s my go to guy from here on in!! Regards, Mark M.read more
Mike E
Mike E
15:43 30 Jul 19
Here's five more stars for you and your company Bryce ! ***** ! In my book A/C ExperTek Air Conditioning , Heating Service and Installation deserve 10 out of 10 Stars. # 1 For arriving WAY sooner than the short time window that was given. # 2 For getting right to work diagnosing the problem and solving it in a timely manner. # 3 For being up front on parts and pricing before any work continued.(Great fair prices at that!) Things you Do Not get with larger " well known " companies across the valley. I recommend this company to anybody with HVAC issues. Once again Thank you for everything A/C ExperTek Service !read more
Anthony Povio
Anthony Povio
00:11 28 Mar 19
Long review, but worth the read. Finding reputable and honest AC contractors is difficult because most of us don't understand the systems and all the jargon. It can be a confusing and frustrating process and worse when your system is broken and you need it fixed NOW. Well, I've done the research and believe I am well informed to prevent being taken for a ride. Two well known in Phoenix contracts who advertise on TV came out and immediately without much inspection said I needed an entire system when only the outside condenser unity was malfunctioning. That would include the furnace too. The prices were 13K and 12K (ouch). Neither would recommend replacing the condenser unit of course - more profit and commission from a new system. Neither said the unit was reparable. When I challenged one of them on the price they said they charge higher because they're worth it - pretty arrogant. They were also eager to leave without a signed contract. I have always believed in supporting local entrepreneurs (small businesses) over larger companies. Small businesses have lower overhead costs and typically live or die from word of mouth. They don't have an advertising budget, so reviews and referrals are what they work for. In my experience they are more often honest as the day is long. So, I called A/C ExperTek (based on reviews) and when Bryce came out he did a thorough inspection of the entire system to include taking measurement readings. Turns out the condenser needed a quick start kit and the system was slightly low on Freon. A $400 fix. He also guaranteed that if it failed, he would apply the $400 towards a new condenser. He did not recommend replacing the coil or furnace. It pays to do research. It pays to hire the local neighborhood small business. It makes sense to pay for quality work versus the big guy's advertising budgetread more
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